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This week I’ll share a book launch with you, it’s called « Turning Points » and has been edited by my previous coach; Kate Cobb. « Turning Points » is a unique anthology which brings together the stories of 25 women who faced life-changing dilemmas and came through smiling. All the authors are entrepreneurs but the book isn’t just about business development, rather about how to cope with change in a positive way and use it as a jumping off point for something better.  It’s a book for anyone who is facing a challenge, feels stuck, is at a transition point in their lives and is lacking ‘get up and go’ or anyone who enjoys reading real stories about real people.

How would you feel if suddenly your life fell apart? What if you found yourself in prison, divorced, seriously ill, bankrupt, disabled, alone, addicted or any one of many other unthinkable disasters?

Well, that is exactly the kind of challenge that each of the 25 incredible women included in this collection faced. And it is from such dilemmas of life-changing proportions, from such Turning Points, that each of these women stopped, took stock and decided to turn their lives around.

Another thing about « Turning Points », there’s lots of good, practical advice inside and helpful resources like books and websites. Not only that but the authors are offering some special gifts to readers which you’ll find out about in each chapter.

If you want to know more, then go along to the book’s website where you can read or listen to each of the authors talking about their stories in the run up to the launch.

The book is available on Amazon UK, US and France.

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  1. By Claudia on novembre 1, 2011 at 8:38

    Thank you for sharing Sunniva. You are always pragmatic and inspiring at the same time.