Getting older – what’s the alternative?

The other day someone mentioned that his wife was feeling depressed because she turned 50. I thought: “What’s the alternative – not getting to the age of 50?”

It made me ponder, what’s the depression about? The number? Loss of youth? Feeling that life has passed one by? Feeling of missed opportunities? Maybe all at once?

I have written before about the happiness factor and that research shows we get healthy aginghappier and happier after the “dip” at around 46 years of age. Reality seems to be different when you consider the focus on looking young (cosmetic surgery is big business).

Some time back I learned about stress and how it is linked to taking control of your life. Apparently we tend to worry about things we both can and cannot control. If you spend a lot of time worrying about things outside your sphere of control, you risk feeling very miserable…

Now, ageing is something that happens to us all. If you feel that stressful, you can’t stop the fact that you are getting older, but you can choose to live a life without cigarettes, excessive alcohol, staying up late, too much in the sun, eating habits, stress, etc. You can also choose to undertake cosmetic surgery (some with a good result, some not).

Additionally, you can work on your attitude: “What has worked well in my life?” “What is good about getting older? “ “What advantages do I have now that I didn’t have before?”

You can consider: “How do I want to spend the next 10 – 20 years? What is important?” “What are the things I wished for my life that I can still do?”

Even if you can’t climb Himalaya, maybe you can visit the bottom of the mountain? If you wanted to run a ranch, maybe it is still possible, or if not, visit one on a regular basis? Go horseback riding?

Take control over what is controllable. Enjoy what is available.



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