Dreams, obsession and energy

Lately I have become obsessed… A dream that has been at the back of my mind for years, all of a sudden seems to come alive: combining horses with coaching, team building and leadership.

The route has been slow. I didn’t even mount a horse for 20 years. Active horseback riding we are talking 30 years… (Gosh, time flies!). Last year my husband and I explored a road we hadn’t noticed before and we saw a sign with the name “Open Ranch”, but couldn’t figure out exactly where it was. I decided to go back another day and when I found the ranch I said; “Time to stop talking and start acting!” Since then I have been horseback riding western style mostly every month. I still didn’t see the route to coaching. Becoming a certified equine trainer costs a ‘fortune’, and I have not found an ICF accredited school in Europe.happy horse

Then, something changed, just a few weeks ago. And this is where my energy level went up big time. The ranch owner told me he didn’t have time to work on a couple of horses with special needs. And to my surprise he asked me to help him out, getting payment in free horseback rides. The joy I felt … – I was walking on clouds for a week!

Ten days later I go to the ranch and he gives me the task of taking care of a scared newcomer. And this is the moment…. I fell in love! We are talking obsession! The horse spoke to me in a way that made me want to go back and see him – every day if I could!

All of a sudden ideas came flying into my head. I saw only solutions. What I could do, who I could work with, how to attend an affordable training, possible clients, combining existing team building programmes, etc. I’m still working on it, but I’m just amazed at the sudden spike of energy and creativity. Seeing the possibility that a dream could actually come true, is giving me a high that I intend to enjoy – no matter where this road leads me.

What about you? What is your dream? What can you do to get closer and eventually make that dream come true? Step by step…


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