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Pine trees to the left, looking green and smelling good. Pink flowers to the right. A slight breeze in the warm air. Mediterranean village in front, all the houses painted in beige and light brown. Blue ocean behind the village. As we approach the ocean we first smell the fish from the fish market, then enjoying the sea colours blue and green, and smelling the slightly salty air. This was my coaching office today – it could be worse!

Coaching while walking offers great input to the client and her/his topic of the day, I find. Most clients react well to this “office”, although not all, some can feel it distracting. The advantages as I have experienced them with my clients are the following:

  • walk in natureGoing outside can sometimes “minimize” what feels like a problem. The situation seems less difficult when being outdoors
  • The nature triggers creativity and helps the client finding more perspectives
  • The walking itself helps stimulating the brain, new energy emerges
  • The client is more likely to breath deeper (and get more oxygen to the brain)
  • We stop and look at something right there and then that is beautiful or special. It’s easier to be present in the now, being mindful and enjoying the moment
  • The client gets a break from me looking at her/him, and the eyes can wander and get inspiration from something else
  • One can use the nature as a “tool” for whatever challenge the client has, e.g. ask what “signs” the client sees in relation to what is going on for her/him
  • I also find that the nature seems to trigger a feeling of gratefulness, that again leads to optimism and action

As a coach I practice the coaching tools on myself, which means that I also do self-coaching. I always find this is a lot easier to do when being outside.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, challenge your coach, challenge yourself – or come and visit me in the South of France!


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