A powerful change management tool

I keep being amazed at how much my clients change ! They set a goal, they commit, they work, they take the process seriously, they get to a standstill or go backwards and then keep going at it. And the result is just “beyond the limit”, they really get to where they want to go!

Coaching. The client has all the answers, the client is the expert of his or her life. The coach is the catalyst. My experience is that when you find your own answers, you are much more likely to commit and get things done. Getting advice is great, but some advisers, counselors and other specialists want to convince you that their advice is the right one for you – which may not always be the case. It could be, but having the choice to follow or not, gives power – you are in control, you decide.

Changing is difficult and it takes time. But if you really want to, and you have someone at your side that believes in you and keeps you at the task, well, I see small and big miracles happen; real, sustained change. As a coach it is extremely fulfilling to see this change; to witness that someone is transforming and reaching her/his goal is fantastic! And I see that this tool could be used so much more, in the professional and private life.

So, get a coach! Really, if you need change at work or personally, this is the way to go. It’s not easy, you have to work – but you do get results!

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  1. By Debbie Berger on avril 5, 2012 at 2:00

    Wonderful advice. This is as true for life as it is for business and careers!