Inclusive Leadership

The modern leader knows the importance of inclusive leadership and when to flex between different leadership styles. NORSUN offers individual executive coaching, as well as ‘Management Drives’ profiling to help leaders being their performing, authentic selves and create a productive environment around them. Additionally, NORSUN specialises in three areas that provide leaders and their teams with tools to manage day-to-day challenges in a solutions-minded fashion.

Inclusive work environments

Employees considering themselves part of an inclusive work environment report back higher sense of jobwisdom security, loyalty to the company and having the impression that their skills and competences are being utilised and appreciated. There have been made links between an inclusive work environment and low stress levels, innovation and creativity.

NORSUN offers workshops that cover why inclusion matters and what leaders and employees can consciously do to create a workplace where everyone feels part of a large “in-group”. We flex between theory, e.g. unconscious bias and tips on conscious behaviours, and pragmatic solutions/action plans.

In terms of ‘style’, the aim is to create an ambience where participants can explore the topics openly and honestly, and where they are able to relate the insights received to their own professional experiences, and then commit to real action.

Intercultural Intelligence

Culturally-intelligent leaders move beyond ethnocentrism, suspend judgement and push back the biases and stereotypes they hold, so they can leverage the diversity of their teams and generate outstanding results. They know how to build trust among people with different values, the basis of all high-performing teams. In a workshop with a leader and her/his team, we would tend to cover the following themes (catered to the individual company needs):

  • Basic understanding of cultural structures and tools
  • Understand your own cultural lens
  • Raise awareness of people’s drivers, behaviours and values
  • How to win trust and motivate across borders
  • Inclusion and its importance in a cross-cultural world

Conflict handling

At times it is not easy having a neutral view of a situation or relationship at work, although solutions might be right in front of you. NORSUN can provide a variety of coaching tools to get in touch with your creative, solutions-minded self.

Should you require a third party to talk with people at conflict, NORSUN offers proven methods to engage with the parties involved, to ease the tension and set concrete commitments and goals.