What makes you bubble?

When was the last time you had a beautiful day or a wonderful week and you felt all “bubbly” (without Champagne)? Did you stop to enjoy that feeling? Did you think about what made you feel that way?

As a coach I am experiencing the joys of giving thanks every morning. Reminding myself of what works in my life is enjoyable. I have read that grateful people have better health, so it is likely that this habit gives a long-term effect too. However, feeling “bubbly” isn’t something I feel every day.  Bubbly is more than being grateful, feeling content and smiling. It’s a level above.

Last week I felt bubbly several times, and when looking back I realized; “Gosh, this was in fact a perfect week for me!” I asked myself why, and right away I could list some 20 reasons. A short version would be:

–       I got to use my creativity several times

–       I talked about a subject I am knowledgeable in (cross-cultural communication) and I am curious about

–       I had a good time delivering a training, and according to the participants, they did too

–       I felt useful on several occasions

–       I enjoyed time with friends and family

–       I was surrounded by beautiful autumn colours

Monday morning came, and I still had a bubbly feeling. But then a minor action took it away. I was shocked at myself, “Is it that easy to turn a positive feeling into a negative one?” I couldn’t accept it. So I got some coaching… This gave me a different perspective to the situation that altered my feeling, and therefore I can now meet this situation with some tricks next time. After the coaching it dawned on me that going through emails all day drains my positive energy, and I decided that I will plan for dedicated “email time” going forward (something research proves is more efficient, I just haven’t tried it until now..).

These last few days have made me think about:

–       What creates a bubbly feeling?

–       How can I get more of that in my daily life?

–       Which techniques can I use to manage the positive energy drainers?

What about you?


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