A very different summer

It’s a bloody summer, literally. Every time I open the news-pages a terrorist or terrorists have killed someone somewhere. It’s absolutely insane, it’s like there is a snowball effect inspiring every mass-murder-wannabe on this planet.

For each incident there is an immediate check versus links with IS, and maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. But, the killers seem to have something in common: petty crime, isolation/outcast, and psychological problems. How can we protect ourselves against every person who isn’t feeling well about himself and his life? It’s impossible.

It feels like a cliché to bring out this word right now, but it’s still valid: inclusion. Last week there was an article in a Norwegian newspaper about the Danish police in Aarhus – they successfully use the approach of inclusion to reintegrate jihadists, and stop young men at risk becoming radicalized, or even joining gangs. The Guardian wrote about this already end of 2014, and I highly recommend reading the entire article.

The Danish approach takes time and resources, but it appears to give a possibility for young men to feel part of the culture where they live and to create a positive and productive future for them selves.

Do have a read, I hope it gives you as much food for thought as it gave me: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/12/deradicalise-isis-fighters-jihadists-denmark-syria

The Danish police could be an inspiration to others; I think their ideas are worth considering and copying.inclusion quote