Addressing global poverty: Coaching to Empower

I would like to present an exciting project that is happening in Spain. It is a project that is about to spread to several countries in Europe. Maybe you even feel inspired to join after having read about it..

“Coaching to Empower” aims to help change the values ​​needed to address global poverty, and the development of people integrating diversity of cultures, judgments, views and care. This is done by focusing on four aspects that are collected in “Workcilia”’s programs: Entrepreneurship, Gender, Learning whilst Moving and Women’s Leadership. “Workcilia Coaching” is an HR consultancy in Spain, specialising in Equality and Flexi Time.

“Coaching to Empower” focuses on helping to solve poverty by empowering the people who occupy the highest places of absolute and relative poverty (of which the majority are women). “Coaching to empower” emerges with an international vocation and a will to contribute to other institutions that challenge poverty.

This project will offer four coaching programs designed to empower women:

  • Coaching for Entrepreneurship “Create the game so you can win-win” (Co-created by Inés Mazarrasa & Susan Lindblom)
  • Coaching programs for equality (Created by Inés Mazarrasa)
  • Learning through the body (Created by Inés Mazarrasa)
  • Women’s Leadership (Co-created by Carme Tena & Manuela Uría)

The goal is to contribute to supporting economically people who are interested in these Coaching Programs; to give them tools to get out of their situation, in a transformational process. They themselves continue the network by finding economic resources for other participants also. That’s the way we empower each other.

Coaching also contributes to social changes; through processes of personal and professional development to facilitate a transformation of that person. It is a place to feel safe and comfortable, with a World Café methodology. The community offers an example to the society, based on giving and receiving.

This community supports the aims of the project by communicating on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks. Here we share conversations from the meetings and how we can contribute to reduce poverty.

You can also be part of this, even if you don´t join the coaching programs. How? Through participating in networks; on the blog, web- and face-to-face meetings that are organized continuously. The aim is to grow in the UK, France, Portugal and Belgium. How would you like to participate?

You can get more information on: There will be a LinkedIn group for this project in English as of late October 2012. For those who speak Spanish and would like to join the Spanish LinkedIn group now, please contact Inés on the already mentioned email address. Inés Mazarrasa will be speaking about the project in a National Meeting in Spain for Equality Agents on the 20th October 2012.

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